Friday, June 25, 2010

My Color

My Personality color is a YELLOW ! How funny is that. A yellow
is the heart of society. They are loyal and loving, dependable, prepared and punctual. They value relationships above all else. They value home, family and tradition. They are emotional and supportive. They are pleaser's who avoid conflict at all costs. They are usually patient, great listeners and are warm and encouraging. They have difficulty being assertive. They are usually easy-going. They love peace and harmony and are the peacemaker within in a group, family and a work environment. They are the sunshine on a dark day. They are faithful and stable when emotionally healthy, and they have a natural ability to create safety within a relationship. They are slow-paced, easy going people pleaser's. They desire to serve and please with their only reward being one of appreciation.
I see a lot of myself in this description. I wonder if other see this too?

Falling hearts

Tomorrow becomes a sad day here in OHIO! One of my best friends is closing the chapter in her and her families life here in Ohio and moving back home to Mississippi. I can not shed a tear for this, not because I'm not sad but because this has always been the plan. This day has been talked about for as long as I have known Tiffany. God brings people in and out of your life for many reasons. He's not taking Tiffany away he just letting her live out the plan. How could one be sad about that. I know that I am not. I know that we will still remain friends and communicate often, we just wont be running to each other houses.
What does make me shed a tear is fact that I did not get to spend as much time as I wanted with her and her family. She was always on the go. Wanting to experience everything there was to experience. Bringing many families together to join her on her journey. Great friendships have been formed, bonds have been made, life time memories created. If she could do those things here in Ohio without family around just imagine what is in store for Mississippi. Tiffany, Hugh, Trey and Anna Grace I wish you all the best on this next chapter in your lives. I will think of you often and re-live the memories that were created here in Ohio and one day soon I will be visiting Mississippi.
Side note: While writing this I remembered a bus trip that I had taken with my daughter that had us on a bus ride through the state of Mississippi. I remember saying that I had to one day come back and get a closer look. I remember telling everyone that the state of Mississippi was my favorite state out the five we had been through. Maybe, just maybe this is what god has in my plan. Will have to wait and see!