Friday, June 25, 2010

My Color

My Personality color is a YELLOW ! How funny is that. A yellow
is the heart of society. They are loyal and loving, dependable, prepared and punctual. They value relationships above all else. They value home, family and tradition. They are emotional and supportive. They are pleaser's who avoid conflict at all costs. They are usually patient, great listeners and are warm and encouraging. They have difficulty being assertive. They are usually easy-going. They love peace and harmony and are the peacemaker within in a group, family and a work environment. They are the sunshine on a dark day. They are faithful and stable when emotionally healthy, and they have a natural ability to create safety within a relationship. They are slow-paced, easy going people pleaser's. They desire to serve and please with their only reward being one of appreciation.
I see a lot of myself in this description. I wonder if other see this too?

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